Click Code Connect |Class 8| First Edition|By Pearson

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click code connect structured around the 3E (explore-excel-exhibit) approach of learning, is an endeavour to equip the students with the necessary repertoire of skills to adapt to changes in technology and contribute effectively in shaping the digital world. The series takes the students through a journey that begins with the basic knowledge of computer system to acquiring 21st century skills and finally connecting them to the real-life applications of technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.In order to give hands-on experience of coding and inculcate logical thinking in the learners, The series also comes along with an ONLINE platform for Python and XHTML

#roadmap: defines the goals of study at the beginning of each br>Chapter</br>

comic strip: sets the context for concepts to be discussed in a conversational manner.</br>

#snapcheck: in-text questions for practicing and testing the understanding of the concept just learnt.</br>

#fyi: provides interesting piece of information related to the topics discussed.</br>

#magickeys: presents alternative options or shortcuts for performing operations.</br>

#influencer: talks about contribution of people who created a revolution in computer technology.</br>

#irl (in real life): information about applications of the concepts in real life.</br>

#bookmark: presents definitions of all new and important terms.</br>

#throwback: summary of the concepts learnt in the br>Chapter for quick recapitulation.</br>

#letustweet: carefully graded objective and subjective questions at the end of each br>Chapter to evaluate level of learning.</br>

#openforum: activity involving learners to think and discuss on topics related to the br>Chapter helps in development of listening and speaking skills.</br>

#diy: practical hands-on exercises to strengthen the understanding and hone computer skills.</br>

#screenshot: picture-based questions that refine the observational skills of learners.</br>

#hyperlink: makes learners understand the application of concepts in different spheres of life.</br>

cyber Olympiad: MCQs to prepare students for competitive examinations.</br> <Software space: interesting learning/educational software applications with functionalities related to noes discussed in the text.</br>

infographics: graphical representation of information specific to the topics covered.</br>

also, covers additional projects to make learning enjoyable and fun.</br>.

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