Combo of R Programming for Beginners + Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OPENMP (Set of 2 Books)

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(as of Jan 29,2022 03:33:16 UTC – Details)

R Programming for Beginners
This book is on programming language called R. R is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard amongst professionals and is used in every conceivable discipline from science and medicine to business and engineering. Starting from variables and basic operations, one will eventually learn how to handle data structures such as vectors, matrices, data frames and lists. In the final section, one will dive deeper into the graphical capabilities of R and create stunning data visualizations. No prior knowledge in programming or data science is required.

Parallel Programming in C with Mpi and Openmp
The era of practical parallel programming has arrived, marked by the popularity of the MPI and OpenMP software standards and the emergence of commodity clusters as the hardware platform of choice for an increasing number of organizations. This exciting new book, Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OpenMP addresses the needs of students and professionals who want to learn how to design, analyze, implement, and benchmark parallel programs in C using MPI and/or OpenMP. It introduces a rock-solid design methodology with coverage of the most important MPI functions and OpenMP directives. It also demonstrates, through a wide range of examples, how to develop parallel programs that will execute efficiently on today’s parallel platforms.

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