Engineering Economics & Financial Management For SPPU Sem 5 Civil Engineering Code : 301004

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Course Contents Unit I : Construction Economics (06 Hrs.) Economics: definition, principles, importance in construction industry, assets, liabilities, balance sheet, numerical on preparation balance sheet, profit and loss account, difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics, basic economic problems along with case studies. Construction economics: structure of construction industry, economics of road and buildings, irrigation and power, ports and aviation. (Refer Chapter 1) Unit II : Introduction to Financial Management (06 Hrs.) Long- and short-term sources of finance, equity, debt government grants and alternative sources, numerical on calculation of leverage ratio, EBIT and dividend pay-out, financial market and instruments: money, market, secondary market, credit, bill and income security market; goal of financial management, key activities in financial management, role of financing institutes in construction sector: banking institutions, NBFc, housing finance institutions & others. (Refer Chapter 2) Unit III : Contract Costing (06 Hrs.) Construction financial management, role of financial manager in construction financial management, meaning and features of contract costing, types of contract and contract costing procedure, Contract account: definition, format/specimen of contract account, treatment of various items in the contract account, methods of recording and reporting site accounts between project office and head office. (Refer Chapter 3) Unit IV : Capital Budgeting (06 Hrs.) Budget, types of budgets, master budgets, cost estimating and budgeting in civil engineering project, definition of capital budgeting, time value of money, simple and compound interest, numerical on computation of interest, rule of 72, process of capital budgeting, techniques of capital budgeting, economic decision making in construction project, depreciation, different methods to calculate depreciation and numerical on it, impact of depreciation in economic decision

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