Exercise Book – Pocket Book Companion to Structural Engineering Art and Approximation

Price: ₹1,148.00
(as of Oct 16,2021 11:38:30 UTC – Details)

Supplement to Structural Engineering Art and Approximation.

Exercises in structural design.

A pocket book for CPD students.

Refresher exercises for experienced professionals.

Answers are available in the back of the book, online videos and video download sheets.

All examples are related to real structural problems in design, many of which a practising engineer will encounter during their career. By solving the problems and cross referring to Structural Engineering Art and Approximation, the reader should gain a good appreciation of concept design techniques using simplified methods; encompassing common structural materials.

Blank pages are left for notes in order that the reader may keep a useful record for the purposes of continuing professional development (CPD) or student coursework.

Hugh is an experienced engineer who has worked on a wide range of structures; from spacecraft to stadia; from glass staircases to residential properties. He maintains a practice in the UK, never having moved fully from the design office to the boardroom.

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