Java: A Framework for Programming and Problem Solving

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Lambert and Osborne’s content appeals to readers who want to cover traditional CS1 material using the powerful capabilities Java provides. Chapter One starts out strong by introducing readers to the topic of problem-solving. Object-oriented design and Java features are introduced as needed. Those who teach CS1 in Java face a dilemma: either restrict the course to character-based terminal I/O with a C++ look, or introduce graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and overwhelm readers with the details of Java’s Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT). To overcome this dilemma, the book comes with a software package, BreezySwing, which simplifies the programming of GUIs. BreezySwing insulates readers from the complex details of laying out window components and responding to interface events. Lambert and Osborne’s book and software package enable readers to enjoy the excitement of writing GUI-based programs without being overwhelmed by or distracted from the more basic issues of algorithm design. The University Edition of Borland’s JBuilder 4 is packaged with the book.

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