Numbers & Logic: Pre Kindergarten Workbook (Little Genius Series): Teaches Numbers, Counting, Simple Addition, Comparing Quantities, Shapes and Patterns Activities to Pre-Schooler (3-5 years)

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Little Genius by flipClass is a series of high quality, engaging workbooks for Pre-schoolers/ Pre-K students. Little Genius books series for Pre-K includes all the multiple topics/concepts a child learns at this age. The books are prepared by expert teachers and experienced academicians. The books are packed with plenty of learning activities to make learning fun and interactive.

Numbers and Logic introduces your child to wonderful world of numbers, counting, shapes, patterns and logic in a simplified manner, with plenty of activities and visualisation. Your child will not only learn, but also be able to apply these concepts to the surroundings.

Learning Outcomes
1. Child will be able to identify, read, write and count numbers.
2. Child will be able to relate numbers with his/her surroundings. Example: a car has 4 wheels, 6 donuts in a tray etc.
3. Child will be able to count with the help of his/her fingers.
4. Child will be able to identify various simple shapes – square, circle, rectangle, triangle.
5. Child will be able to relate these shapes with the various everyday objects – rectangular flag, circular plates etc.
6. Child will be able to compare the quantity, size, weight, length and other approximate physical attributes of various objects. Example: a football is larger than a golf ball, a bus is taller than a car, a pencil is longer than an crayon etc.

All concepts in this book are explained with plenty of illustrations to keep your child interested and engaged. These activities also help reinforce this learning in your child.

Happy Learning.

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