Solar Photovoltaics – Fundamentals, Technologies and Applications

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This thoroughly revised text, now in its third edition, continues to provide a detailed discussion on all the aspects of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies from physics of solar cells to manufacturing technologies, solar PV system design and their applications. The Third Edition includes a new chapter on “Advances in c-Si Cell Processes Suitable for Near Future Commercialization” (Chapter 8) to introduce the technological advancement in the commercial production to keep the readers up to date.

Organized in three parts, Part I introduces the fundamental principles of solar cell operation and design, Part II explains various technologies to fabricate solar cells and PV modules and Part III focuses on the use of solar photovoltaics as part of the system for providing electrical energy. In addition to this, numerous chapter-end exercises are given to reinforce the understanding of the subject.

The text is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of engineering for their courses on solar photovoltaic technologies and renewable energy technologies. The book is of immense use for teachers, researchers and professionals working in the photovoltaic field. In a nutshell, this book is an absolute must-read for all those who want to understand and apply the basics behind photovoltaic devices and systems.

Table of Contents:

Foreword • Preface • Preface to the First Edition • Acknowledgements
List of Symbols • Abbreviations • International System of Units
Part I: Solar Cell Fundamentals
1. Place of PV in World Energy Scenario
2.      Fundamentals of Semiconductors
3. Charge Carriers and Their Motion in Semiconductor
4. P-N Junction Diode: An Introduction to Solar Cells
5. Design of Solar Cells
Part II: Solar Cell Technologies
6.      Production of Si
7. Si Wafer-based Solar Cell Technology
8. Advances in c-Si Cell Processes Suitable for Near Future Commercialization
9. Thin Film Solar Cell Technologies
10. Concentrator PV Cells and Systems
11. Emerging Solar Cell Technologies and Concepts
Part III: Solar Photovoltaic Applications
12. Solar Radiation
13. Solar Photovoltaic Modules
14. Balance of Solar PV Systems
15. Photovoltaic System Design and Applications
Appendix A Best Solar Cell Efficiency Table
Appendix B Estimation of Solar Radiation
Appendix C Monthly Global Solar Radiation Data around the World
Appendix D Worksheet for Designing Stand-alone Solar PV Systems
Appendix E Look up Table for Present Worth Factor of Future Investments
Bibliography • Index

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