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This book teaches the essentials of Web Technologies working with the most important concepts such as HTML, Java Script, XML, JavaBeans, PHP, Servlets, JSP & JDBC. Its main motive is to enable the Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology students to be conversant with the latest approaches, tools and techniques prevalent in the industry. It explains the application development using HTML and Java Script through full server side applications written in PHP, Servlet and JSP. The complete web system is shown to add more functionality to a website for creating dynamic interfaces, linking databases and tracking users etc. This book presents a refreshing change by bringing out the PHP, Servlet, JSP & JDBC concepts from a practical perspective with illustrative diagrams and relevant example programs.

Salient Features:

  • Detailed coverage of PHP with adequate examples.
  • Detailed coverage on HTML, CSS, Java Script, JavaBeans, Servlets, JSP & JDBC with neat sketches.
  • Simple Examples are given for every concept with output screen shots.
  • Chapter wise Review Questions & well Executed example programs are provided.
  • Prepared as per JNTU-R13 Regulation Syllabus.
  • Enhanced exposure on PHP, Servlets and JSP with database connectivity.
  • Included JNTU Lab Manual as per JNTU-R13 Regulation with well executed programs.

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