MTG 100 Percent Exam Ready Science Term 2 Class 10 Book for CBSE Board Exam 2022 – MCQs, Case Based, Short / Long Answer type Questions (Based on Latest Termwise CBSE Syllabus)

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MTG is yet again, all set to take you off to a success ride of CBSE Board Term 2 exams after concluding success in CBSE Board Term 1 exams with 85% accuracy and 99.9% Concept clearance! The most successful 100 Percent exam ready series is now out with a syllabus that is completely based on CBSE term 2 Board Exams. The 100 percent Exam Ready Question Banks are completely based on Competency Based Education.

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Don’t stress about the term 2 syllabus.

The CBSE Board Term 2 100 Percent Exam Ready is completely based upon Term 2 syllabus.

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Need an Overview of chapter?

Take chapter wise revision after reading from the NCERT Textbooks through Recap Notes.

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Not sure what questions to practice for Term 2 preparations?

Solve plenty of questions during Practice Time.

Objective type questions (MCQs, Case – based questions, A-R based questions)

Subjective type questions (VSA, SA, SA-II, LA)

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For Final revision & Assessment

Solve 3 Practice Papers based upon latest CBSE term 2 syllabus with detailed solutions.

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About MTG Editorial Board

MTG is the best curator of student-friendly yet knowledgeable study materials. The curators at MTG believes in providing an exposure of the competitive world while the student is still in the process of learning. Thus, MTG creates academics as well as competitive books with interactive language.

MTG has always been known for its curation of excellent competitive exam preparation books. The 100 Percent Exam Ready is curated keeping in mind, the unpredictability of the upcoming term 2 exams and thus covers both subjective and objective pattern of questions.

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