Zen Science Explorer (Xplorer) – Class 10 – CBSE 2021-2022 – Augmented Reality (AR) Books – 3 Volumes

Price: ₹1,452.00
(as of Dec 08,2021 13:08:59 UTC – Details)

A package of 3 Volumes of Books + A free Demo Augmented Reality (AR) App for CBSE Class 10th Science – NCERT – 2021 – 2022 Academic Study & Board Examination. The first 2 volumes of books deal with colourful 3D illustration of textual concepts along with access to AR, Video, Simulation & Tests on the App. The 3rd volume of book has a detailed chapterwise coverage of NCERT & all Board Examination Questions & Answers, Activities & Practical Section. The Free Demo App has 8 AR topics absolutely free. Say Good Bye to the Stone Age of Learning. Introducing the mindblowing most futuristic technology ‘Augmented Reality’. A Quantum Leap in Education & Learning. The first two volumes of books (multimillion colour print) walks you through vivid spectacular description of each and every textual concepts in the form of 3D illustration and detailed textual presentation rendering each and every concept crystal clear with in depth penetrative insights and understanding. The most magical & fun part is when you focus the Zen AR app on to these images; the AR holograms just pop up on the book. A live throbbing pumping heart pops up on the heart image which is really unbelievably mesmerising. Interact with the 3D Heart Hologram; twist, turn and know it from all dimensions just like a real heart; dissect it to know and study all its parts. Not just that you also get to watch a world class 3d animation video on heart like a true Hollywood movie which gives a complete presentation of the heart topic. Add to it a simulation of Heart where you can change variables and see the consequences. Once you peruse the entire topic you can take up a graded test and evaluate your mastery over the topic. The third volume of book covers the NCERT Textual Exercises, Intext Questions, Activity Questions and Problems completely solved and answered. Also has an exhaustive coverage of Examination Questions as per Board Blueprint and Pattern. Totally it’s a One Stop Soul Scintillating Academic

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