Computer Science with python Textbook for Class 11 Examination 2020-2021 & Informatics Practices A Text Book for Class 11 (Examination 2020-2021) (Set of 2 books)

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Computer Science with python Textbook for Class 11 Examination 2020-2021computer Science is a rapidly evolving field. In fact, to keep pace with its developments, every field related to computer Science has to evolve to match the steps. ‘Education’ field is no exception. After introduction of new syllabus for the subject ‘computer Science’ (Code 083) Last year, CBSE has again introduced some more changes in the syllabus for the same for Class XI.</br> This book in your hands is based on revised syllabus by CBSE for ‘computer Science’ code 083, Class XI.&Nbsp;</br> This book has been divided into three units:</br> unit 1: Computer systems and organisation</br> unit 2: computational thinking and programming</br> unit 3: society law and ethics</br>.Informatics Practices A Text Book for Class 11 (Examination 2020-2021)Informatics Practices is a major subject at senior Secondary level of CBSE with an aim of creating a League of students well-versed with Computer practices that apply information Science tools and methods in various fields. The subject ‘Informatics Practices’ Focuses on concepts of information Science applications and the basics of a programming language Python with an aim to use it for the management of information effectively. Written strictly according to CBSE syllabus of subject code 065, This book covers: (a) computer system. (B) introduction to Python. (C) database concepts and SQL. (Brd) emerging trends.

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