Math for the Ages!: SAT and High School Math

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Why am I writing a Math book? The book’s focus is on how to solve math problems quickly and in your head as much as possible. Speed without sacrificing accuracy is the primary emphasis. Both can be achieved. I have always loved basic math and have enjoyed mental math since my childhood days. The good foundation has helped me greatly later in my career. I have worked with my kids on math problems and enjoy working with them. I believe I can present the tips and thought process in solving math problems intuitively. I enjoy writing books and have written two successful books, the first one on Advanced Chip design, closely related to my work, and the second one on stock investments and personal finance, another subject close to my heart. There are numerous books available, and as a writer, the challenge always is how much and what to present. I have researched it thoroughly and have very high hopes that this book on math will be for the ages and something to keep for a lifetime. My expectation is that students receive perfect math score (800) or scores close to 800. I worked with my son on his SAT math prep. I helped him in understanding various math concepts and how to speed up. I believe it helped, though I give him credit for his determination and openness to learning. He scored close to perfect (790 out of 800) on SAT math. Last but not the least, it will be a befitting tribute to my Mom, who shaped my early years (she was also my school math teacher) and built a strong foundation on math for me. I am excited that she is also a contributor to this book.

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