NCERT Economic – Textbook in English Medium for Class – 9th latest edition with binding

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(as of Dec 08,2021 12:15:57 UTC – Details)

This Economics textbook, published by NCERT, will be of great help for students to brush up the fundamental concepts of the topics that are covered in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum of Class 9. It has been prescribed for both private and public schools to impart knowledge to the children in a fun and innovative way. The book also features clear pictures and detailed illustrations, along with important points highlighted in different shades to ensure that children have a better learning experience. Topics Covered in the Textbook The Story of Village Palampur People as Resource Poverty as a Challenge Food Security in India Salient Features At the end of every chapter, there is a summary section, which tells the concept of the story in brief. Exercises containing a large number of questions are provided at the end of every chapter. The content is written in a simple and lucid language so that students find it easy to read and learn.

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