Vision Ias Value Added Updated Printed Notes 13 Booklets Combo Set 2020

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“Vision Ias Value Added Updated Printed Notes 13 Booklets Combo Set 2020 Polity Part 1 1.Indian Constitution: Historical Underpinnings, Evolution, Features, Amendments, Significant Provisions And Basic Structure 2.Comparison Of The Indian Constitutional Scheme With That Of Other Countries 3.Fundamental Rights 4.Fundamental Duties 5.The Preamble 6.Citizenship In India 7.Union Legislature Polity Part 2 1. Separation Of Powers Between Various Organs 2. Union And Its Territory 3. Emergency Provisions 4. Union Executive 5. State Executive 6. Ministries And Departments Of The Government 7. State Legislature 8. Issues And Challenges Pertaining To The Federal Structure, Devolution Of Powers And Finances Up To Local Levels And Challenges Therein 9. Dispute Redressal Mechanisms And Institutions 10. Supreme Court Polity Part 3 1.Pressure Groups 2.Regulatory Authorities In India 3.Directive Principles Of State Policy 4.Judiciary- High Court, Subordinate Courts, Issues, Judicial Reforms And Judicial Activism 5.Representation Of The People Act, Model Code Of Conduct And Election Related Judgements 6.Constitutional Bodies 7.Quasi Judicial Bodies 8.Elections In India 9.Local Governance Internal Security Topic 1.Role Of Women And Women’s Organization 2.Linkages Between Development And Spread Of Extremism 3.Linkages Of Organized Crime With Terrorism 4.Role Of External State & Non-State Actors In Creating Challenges To Internal Security 5.Money Laundering And Its Prevention 6.Various Security Forces And Agencies And Their Mandate 7.Role Of Media And Social Networking Sites In Internal Security Challenges 8.Security Challenges And Their Management In Border Areas 9. Basics Of Cyber Security 10.Challenges To Internal Security Through Communication Network Governance 1. Government Policies And Interventions For Development In Various Sectors And Issues Arising Out Of Their Design And Implementation 2. Development Processes And The Development Industry The Role Of Civil Services In A Demo

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